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Marine Radiators

Air Cooled Oil Cooling:
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Mobil DH Series Air Cooled Marine Series:


Materials of Construction:

  Fins: Aluminum or Steel
  Tubes: Copper
  Turbulators: Aluminum
  Manifolds: Copper or Steel
  Connections:Brass or Steel
  Operating Pressure: 300 psi
  Operating Temperature:350 Degrees F

Products Available:

  HP Rating Model
  2-4 DH-095
  4.5-6 DH-205
  6.5-8 DH-249
  11-15 DH-348
  15.5-23 DH-425
  24-35 DH-626
  36-60 DH-670
  Selection Procedure: Identify HP (Horse Power) rating of your engine or pump, then see required heat exchanger.
*Note: Perfomance is in accordance with specifications.
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Marine Heat Exchanger
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