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Heat Exchanger:

Marine Applications

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Jacket Water Cooling:
Shell and Tube: Sea water jacket coolers, stainless steel, Salt and Fresh water cooling loops.
Closed Fresh Water Central Cooling:
Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers: Reduced maintenance costs, less corrosion, various material choices including titanium, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.
Engine Oil Cooler:

Shell and Tube and Radiator Coolers for Engine Oil Cooling with Fresh or Salt Water Cooling Loops. Engine jacket water/glycol systems.

+ CAT 3406 Heat Exchanger
+ CAT 3408 Heat Exchanger
+ CAT 3508 Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Oil Coolers:
Shell and Tube and Radiator Tube Finned Exchanger for Air-to-Air and Air-to-Fluid applications. Heat Exchangers for Deck cranes, winches, mooring drums, windlass, capstans, emergency towing arrangements, hatch covers, and other similar equipment.
Gear Cooler:
Shell and Tube: Bearing and gear box gear oil lubricating systems.
Fuel Oil Heater:
Shell and Tube and Compact Brazed Plate heat exchangers for fuel oil temperature control.
Charge Air Cooler:
Shell and Tube: For Air-to-Liquid and Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers to Maximize Fuel Economy and Performance.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration:
High Efficiency Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for all types of heat transfer applications. Shell and Tube, ammonia exchangers, refrigerant condensers and evaporators. HVAC and Process heating and cooling coils. Compressed Air After Coolers.
Transmission Oil Cooler:
Shell and Tube and Radiator Cooler cooling with or without Fans. Hydraulic Couplings, Winches, and Drives. System and Sump heaters.
Galley Water Heater:
Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Shell and Tube heat exchangers for domestic and potable water applications.
Lube Oil Cooler:
Shell and Tube, Plate and Frame, and Air-to-Air Lube Oil Coolers to maintain optimum equipment performance. Diesel engine lube oil systems.
Chilled Water Coils (Steam or Hot Water), Cooling Coils, Steam Coil Air Heaters. HVAC Heating and Cooling Coils. Air and Water Cooled Condensers. Ammonia Exchangers.
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Marine Heat Exchanger
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